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Dental Tourism in India

India is the most beautiful country and largest democracy in the world. The tourist is surprised to find more than he comes expecting. There are best preserved monuments, forts, palaces, temples, churches, including diverse cultural and traditional heritages. There are also a great number of beautiful beaches, pristine locales and hill stations. The enjoyment is heightened with adventure activities. It is quite mesmerizing there are 15 officially recognized languages and more than 200 dialects spoken in the country. India is also leading the world in the Cyber language. 'Namaste' is the traditional way of greeting, and people are most docile, hospitable and generous in showering their love on the guests.

India is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for dental tourism in the world. Thousand of people from USA, Europe and other parts of the world fly to India every year seeking dental treatment. Though tourists attach a variety of reasons for their travel, the major indicator is the cost for dental implants and dental surgery, which is generally cheap in India. Cost factor does not affect the quality of dental services in India.Quality is comparable or even better than these western countries

Irrespective of recession and slump downs in the market, many people still travel to India for various dental treatments. Among many reasons, the major one could be the cost and dental insurance. In U.S, only 50% of the total population has dental insurance. Even those with comprehensive medical packages do not a have dental coverage.

Apart from the low dental insurance coverage, cost of the dental treatments is also extremely high in these western countries. For instance, a patient requiring root canal treatment might cost up to $600 and a tooth crowning may cost around $4000. However, same procedures cost around $35-125 in India.

Listed below is the cost comparison of dental treatment between USA and India. The figures are indicative and might vary as you approach your dental tourism provider.

Dental procedure Cost in USA ($) Cost in India ($)
General Dentist Top End Dentist Top End Dentist
Smile designing - 8,000 1,000*
Metal Free Bridge - 5,500 500*
Dental Implants - 3,500 800*
Porcelain Metal Bridge 1,800 3,000 300*
Porcelain Metal Crown 6,00 1,000 80*
Tooth impactions 5,00 2,000 100*
Root canal Treatment 6,00 1,000 100*
Tooth whitening 3,50 800 110*
Tooth colored composite fillings 2o0 500 25*
Tooth cleaning 1o0 300 75*

Dental treatments offered in KALRA DENTAL AND SMILE CARE CLINIC

This clinic is well equipped with latest equipments and experienced staff that assure reliable, quality treatment. We can offer you worthwhile dental packages. Most of them include the following dental surgery/treatment options:

  • Extraction of normal/fractured teeth under local anesthesia
  • Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Ceramic caps without gold under microscopic control
  • Dental Bridges, Porcelain/Ceramic crowns
  • Bleaching
  • Prosthesis on the implant/ Dental Implants
  • Vertical and horizontal bone grafting
  • Fluoride treatments for children
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Smile designing
  • Root Canal
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth contouring and reshaping
  • Dental Fillings

Plan your visit to Chandigarh and we can arrange custom made packages for your visits to near by tourist destinations. We will plan your dental treatment schedule in such a way that it doesn't interfere with your itinerary plans.

Painless Root Canal Treatment

Tooth which has become carious so much that infection has reached the pulp causing infection and pain. So the RCT is done to treat the tooth and preserve it for life. The RCT is followed by capping and post & core treatment of the tooth to provide strength.

Dental Tourism

Thanks to the faith and commitment shown by our patients we have treated and provided complete oral rehabilitation to specialized treatment for patients from US, UK, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Rome and many more.

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